Alexey Dengin

born January 8, 1986

Petrozavodsk, USSR.

1. General characteristics

During the time of his studies for degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Marketing, Finance and Audit, Alexey Dengin proved himself to be a student aspiring to obtain the knowledge and skills required in the fields of banking and finance. The main goal of the educational programme Accounting and Audit is to obtain theoretical and practical skills in the field of financial activities.

2. Degree of responsibility

In the course of studies, the student completed the basic courses in his specialty, and acquired several additional courses optionally. He showed great attentiveness and responsibility when fulfilling seminar tasks. When choosing the additional courses, the student advised with his individual coordinator. Before acquiring an additional course, the student reviewed its structure and the associated list of literature.

3. Special skills

The student masters perfectly English and the ability of holding dialogues. He has business communication skills, organization abilities, and knows how to make a decision in crisis situations. The student’s predominant characteristic is strategic thinking and analytical skills which will be beneficial in his chosen field. The student has perfect skills of teamwork.

4. References of the tutors and individual coordinator

Alexey Dengin works perfectly in team, achieves the goals set, and has great assiduity and resolution. He has the ability to make risky decisions, and effectively combines skills in the following fields: economic sciences, project management and administration, etc.