Alexey Nasonov

born April 28, 1988 in Rostov-na-Donu, USSR.

1. General characteristics

During the time of his studies for degree in Accounting and Audit at the University of Marketing, Finance and Audit, Alexey Nasonov proved himself to be a student aspiring to obtain most practical skills in the fields of finance and banking. The main goal of the educational programme Banking and Finance is to obtain theoretical and practical skills to be subsequently applied by the student in different fields of financial activities.

2. Degree of responsibility

In the course of studies, the student completed both the basic and additional courses in his specialty. He proved himself to be a persevering and responsible student with strategic and analytical thinking in different projects. When choosing the additional courses, the student proceeded from how they would supplement the basic courses, thus bringing new skills and knowledge. He always advised with his coordinator.

3. Special skills

The student masters perfectly English communication and business correspondence skills. He knows how to set tasks correctly for achieving particular goals. The student has acquired business administration, negotiation, and HR management skills which should help him in the future. He perfectly works individually and in team, where he shows great resolution, and the ability to set tasks and distribute the responsibilities between the subordinates.

4. References of the tutors and individual coordinator

Alexey Nasonov has acquired many useful skills, and has proven himself to be a student prospective in many fields. During his studies, the student obtained some perfect knowledge in the following fields: macroeconomic analysis for financial markets, monetary and credit policies and financial stability, financial analysis in international corporations, consolidation, and process and quality audit.