Alexey Dengin

1. General characteristics

During the studies for degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Marketing, Finance and Audit, Alexey Dengin proved himself to be a responsible student aspiring to new knowledge. In the course of studies, the student always looked to improve his theoretical and practical skills. He never missed an opportunity to frequent additional courses. The main goal of the educational programme Audit, Finance and Banking is to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of accounting and the world of finance.

2. Degree of responsibility

During his studies, the student showed great self-sufficiency in the performance of tasks. The tutors’ recommendations were fulfilled to the largest extent. As regards the additional courses, the student made resort to his tutors’ and coordinator’s advices, thanks to which he made the ultimate decision on the choice of the course. The student mastered all information given to him promptly and effectively. The tasks were fulfilled in a timely and high-quality manner. In case of any force majeure events, he notified the tutors and individual coordinator thereof in good time.

3. Special skills

The student is fluent in English and Russian. His formal communication skills can be evaluated positively as well. The student’s main distinctive characteristic is his unique aspiration to financial instruments, monetary and credit policies, and international economics.

4. Recommendations

The student’s main distinctive feature is his responsibility and due diligence. All projects submitted by the student are characterized by the pertinent use of the knowledge obtained throughout the course of studies. Alexey Dengin combines several fields at once: financial analysis, banking system, economic sciences, etc.